Unmatched Skin Tightening Technology

What is Renuvion Skin Tightening?

Renuvion® is a minimally invasive treatment. It uses radio frequency energy and helium plasma to cause controlled coagulation and contraction of soft tissue below the skin. This results in up to 60% skin retraction.

Our Las Vegas skin tightening and retraction procedure is ideal for those with loose skin or thin skin after lipo.

Renuvion with Lipo

Premier Liposuction couples Renuvion® treatments with a Vaser liposuction procedure. Because of this skin tightening technology, our patients receive their ideal results without excisional surgery.

Renuvion Cost

Costs start as low as $2,500 for the first two VASER liposuction areas. Each additional area after that will cost $750.

Before and After


As with most of our procedures, the initial recovery is 48 hours. Most patients can return to work or school after two days as long as it entails minimal stress on their bodies. 

Results are immediate even though swelling may not subside completely until after 3-4 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Renuvion® with VASER Lipo cost?
The cost is $2,500 for two areas. Additional areas after the first two areas are $750.
How much does Renuvion® without VASER Lipo cost?
The cost is $3000 for the full abdomen. $2,000 for each other area.
How quickly does Renuvion® work?
Renuvion with lipo can take as quickly as a few hours. Drastic results show immediately but overall swelling may take several months to subside.
Does Renuvion® leave scarring?
Because this cosmetic technology is minimally invasive, scarring is minimal and discreet.
Are there any side effects of Renuvion®?
There are risks with any minimally invasive surgery. However, with our premier technology, the risks are minimal as long as you follow your recovery guidelines and recommendations. You can ask our top-rated doctors any concerns you may have during your free consultation.

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