Butt Lift Before and After Results

Many patients come to us with frustrations over stubborn fat but still want a curvier physique. Discover the amazing results we provided those seeking a thinner shape and a curvier silhouette. Here are our happy female patients’ butt lift before and after results.

To respect and patient confidentiality, we have concealed patients who have requested to conceal their identity. This means hiding recognizable tattoos and scars. However, they have permitted us to share these images.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks Before and After

A Vaser liposuction procedure can target a variety of problem areas but a fat transfer procedure provides the best Brazilian butt lift

With our fat transfer services, our liposuction surgeons enhance the shape and size of your butt without the use of implants. This allows for the final result of your butt lift to look natural while other areas slimmer. 

Discover Your Buttocks Before and After Results

If you’re one of many looking to achieve a fuller, curvier butt contour? Contact us today for a consultation today and discover your own before and after results.

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