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Do you have stubborn pockets of fat growing in all the wrong places? Have you tried to shape your body by exercising but haven’t gotten the results you’ve dreamed of?

If so, this procedure may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Premier Liposuction can remove unwanted and stubborn pockets of fat and transfer them to other areas of the body to improve your physique and help you reach your goals.

What Is a Body Fat Transfer?

Fat transfers, also known as fat grafting, involves surgically removing fat from one area of the body, processing the fat, and then injecting the fat into another part of the body. The goal of this procedure is to take away excess fat and seamlessly add it to another area so it looks completely natural.

The Ideal Candidate

People best-suited for this liposuction procedure are those who have stubborn fat pockets that they want to remove, but also areas of their body that they want to enhance, such as their buttocks or breasts. One must be fairly healthy and have just enough fat to be able to successfully transfer it to a new area.

Most Popular Transfer Procedures

There are a ton of different fat redistribution procedures you can choose from. The first step is to determine where you want the fat taken from. Popular areas include:

  • The stomach/abdomen
  • Lower back
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Thighs

Then, you’ll decide where the fat should transfer to. The most common areas for a fat transplant include the breasts and buttocks. So, if you choose to do a body fat transfer to the buttocks in Las Vegas NV, the physician will remove excess fat from your selected treatment areas, process the fat, then inject it into the buttocks.

Body Fat Transfer Recovery Process

The recovery process will be a bit longer than minimally invasive procedures. During the first week of healing, it’s best to recover at home while you’re still sore and in pain. The soreness will start to subside after the first week but will continue to last for another few weeks until you are completely healed.

Following your procedure, it’s important to stay healthy and in good shape so you can experience the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fat transfer to the buttocks?
The goal of fat transfers to the buttocks is to take away excess fat from the abdomen or other problem areas and seamlessly add it to the buttocks area so it looks completely natural.
How much does a body fat transfer surgery cost?
A fat transfer surgery costs start at $6,800 and can increase, depending on the amount of fat you wish to transfer and sculpt.
How long will it take to see results?
Patients will start to notice results immediately following their transfer procedure and will continue to see a transformation for the next few months. Typically, complete results will show after around six months following the procedure.

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Do you want to get rid of pesky fat in problem areas, and transfer that fat to another part of your body? If so, this procedure is right for you. It’s time to perfect your body and feel confident in yourself again.

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