Liposuction for Men

Did you know that recent surveys have found up to 40% of men struggle with their body image?

What is Liposuction for men?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that can help remove fat in stubborn areas.

Men often look to liposuction when they have hit a wall in their weight loss journey and are looking to get some help to get their ideal bodies.

Most Commonly Treated Areas for men

Recovery Time

24-48 hours

Liposuction Recovery

Our liposuction procedures are minimally invasive, which means it leads to an easy and quick recovery.


Men often get liposuction to help them have a healthier and younger-looking physique.

They're looking to achieve an ideal vision of how they see themselves in the mirror, which helps boost their confidence.

#1 removal of 'man boobs'

'Man Boobs' is actually a medical condition called, gynecomastia, which is when men experience excessive fat levels in their breast tissue.

Liposuction is often a route for treatment to help men remove this excess fat tissue.

The stomach is one of the hardest and most stubborn areas to lose fat. Even through a tough workout regimen, it can be hard to fully achieve your fitness goals. 

Liposuction can help bring out the abs that are hiding behind stubborn layers of fat.

#2 Etching the Abs

Beer is fine, but just like many things, in moderation. Often times, drinking beer excessively over a period of time can lead to a 'beer belly.' 

Once you've gained a beer belly it can be hard to lose. To help with the process of removing your beer belly, liposuction may be a good option.

#3 Remove the beer belly

Liposuction is perfect for those who have already begun their health journey and just need a little help to reach their goals.

Removing fat from the upper arms can bring out the muscles that are hidden behind stubborn fat areas.

#4 More defined arms

Benefits of liposuction for men

Before & After

Our doctors have helped many men become satisfied with their bodies and boost their confidence.

Liposuction Pricing

Discount Offer

Liposuction procedures start at $2,200 and will vary depending on the treatment area and amount.

Book a  free consultation today to save $250 off one area or $500 off 360 lipo.

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